SINGLE REVIEW: Thirty Seconds To Mars – Dangerous Night

dangerous night

Last year Thirty Seconds To Mars underwhelmingly made their return to the music scene with their comeback single “Walk On Water”. Their fifth studio album is due to be released in early 2018 and they’ve just dropped their second official single which still disappoints. “Dangerous Night” hears the band continuing to reach for that stadium-rock sound but this time by introducing a beat heavy production which ends up feeling a little cheesy. It has all the dominating elements that make a Thirty Seconds To Mars song stand out and unique but the electronic influence makes it feel unbalanced. Lyrically the song is strong and tells the story of a couple that knows they’re not really meant for each other but there is a fire between them. “Do you wanna cross the line? We’re runnin’ out of time. A dangerous night to fall in love”. I just wish they stripped this back more and didn’t try to over compensate. This song could have been quite good if they just gave it a good old pop-rock production without all the ridiculous bells and whistles.


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