ALBUM REVIEW: Tonight Alive – Underworld


In 2011 Tonight Alive bursted onto the scene with their debut album and quickly became Australia’s new pop-punk favourites. Over the years their sound has evovled, their fan base has grown and they’ve toured all over the world. Their last record “Limitless” heard them ditching the pop-punk formula and instead delivering heartfelt pop infused rock ballads. But for their fourth studio album “Underworld” the Central Coast natives try to return to their pop-punk roots with some meatier hooks and guitar riffs. The end result is a collection of try hard tracks that have the right heart in the lyrics but the delivery feels wrong. Songs like “Book Of Love” and “Disappear” feel cheesy with their gimmicky “oohs” and “ahhs” as well as the tacky “Crack My Heart” which is ultimately forgettable. While lead single “Temple” is a gritty anthem that bursts with empowerment and will have you running round in all your angsty glory. “Waiting For The End” is kind of everything you wanted from this album and will have you wishing they cared less about major hooks and went towards a natural sound more. Not all their pop-infused material is cheesy though because “In My Dreams” and “Just For Now” do deliver nice little moments. Half of this album has strong potential while the other half is riddled with over production. However I must say one thing they always deliver is strong lyrics and they have done that yet again.


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