SINGLE REVIEW: The Venus Project – Won’t Hurt


Your favourite New Zealand sibling duo BROODS have decided to release a passion project each while they are in-between album cycles and it’s kind of really exciting. Lead vocalist Georgia Nott has decided to showcase her voice in a different light with the birth of The Venus Project. She had a epiphany that every time she goes into the studio or goes on tour that she’s surrounded by only males and decided she wanted to change that to see if it creatively had a different effect. And while she’s always been very raw and vulnerable in her music this creative change has seen her open up even more. Her debut solo album “The Venus Project: VOL 1” will be released on International Womens Day on March 8th and she’s just delivered the lead single “Won’t Hurt” which is a intimate and haunting affair. The song looks at the dark thoughts that consume our brains. “I could know where I am and I’d still be lost. I could be lonely when the party is mine to host”. The whole song is created by women from the lyrics to the vocals to the production and the engineering which is very cool. The song has a very strong emotional and feminine drive to it which will instantly have you feeling all the feels and enchanted by Nott’s vocals. The production extends itself from early BROODS days with the abstract indie-pop dreamy synths and layering. This truly is a project to get excited about.




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