SINGLE REVIEW: Fizzy Milk feat. Jarryd James – Make Me Feel

Make Me Feel Final

First of all it is very important to note that BROODS aren’t dead but instead the sibling duo have decided to release a passion project each now that they’ve officially ended their “Conscious” era. Fizzy Milk is the intriguing passion project from Caleb Nott which hears him taking the synth experimentation the last BROODS record had to a whole new level. Lead single “Make Me Feel” is a DIY structured track which incorporates 90’s funk and pop-rock vibes with psychedelic production. It’s very different and quite abstract compared to what you are used to hearing from him but it works. For this track he teams up with long-term friend and collaborator Jarryd James who injects his soulful and soothing vocals. “Make me feel better, you make me feel better when you come around my way”. For both of them it’s very sonically different but it transforms you to the Californian summer where you are just laying by the beach listening to vibey music and that’s what they were hoping to succeed at creating. It’s a track which will grow on you with each listen and will have you intrigued to hear how the rest of this project will sound and feel.







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