SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – The Good Side


It’s only been a week since Troye Sivan released his comeback single “My My My” and he is already delivering us another track to thank his fans for being so patient while waiting for new music. “The Good Side” is a vulnerable and emotional ballad that show’s a tender side to Sivan compared to the empowering synth pop his lead single offered. This track explores the break-up he went through while recording and touring his debut album and serves as an open letter to the guy asking for an apology. He recognizes that he got the good side of the break up because he got to tour the world and perform songs that were written about him night after night which served as a unique therapy. “The people danced to the sound of your heart. The world sang along to it falling apart”. He apologizes and sympathizes over how hard it would have been and hopes that one day this song will serves as bridge to start a friendship again. “But I sympathize, and I recognize and baby I apologize that I got the good side, the good side of things”. The simplistic ballad is beautiful and is the perfect polar opposite to the lead single. The production continually grows with synthesisers and mellow beats that become more and more prominent. It shows a deeper vulnerability that his fans fell in love with on his debut record. It’s a very personal song that will touch a lot of people instantly and will slowly grow on others in time.


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