Sydney electronic duo MOZA have been impressing crowds across the country with their killer live show and slick tracks and they are ready to add another hit to the growing list. Their new single “Gold” hears them channeling an alternative dance production that is reminiscent of SAFIA with their unique delivery and soulful vocals. The track looks at the importance of friendships that continually grow and shape you as a person and explores how you can have different personalities around different people. It’s a cool and euphoric concept that explodes during the massive chorus which will be instantly stuck in your head. It will have you wanting to throw your hands in the air and start dancing. “Yeah, we search high and low for the people we know. I guess they can stay for now”. It has a very polished production which makes it stand out and a real contender for some massive radio airplay. It’s a song that deserves heavy rotation and will be the perfect end of summer anthem.


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