SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Timberlake – Supplies


Next month Justin Timberlake will release his fifth studio album “Man Of The Woods” days before his highly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime performance. He’s following that up by kicking off a massive world tour that will have you swooning, dancing and screaming along to his biggest hits. After he dropped the lead single “Filthy” a couple of weeks ago I was quite excited and intrigued by the new DIY sound he’s introduced but his follow up track “Supplies” has got me a bit worried. The RNB influenced track carries on the downbeat production with the big-band funk influence that attempts to uplift the track. However it just becomes a bit cringe worthy and doesn’t really go anywhere sonically. There’s no smooth or impactful hook nor is there something that will easily get stuck in your head. Instead it kind of does the opposite. Everything about this song makes you want to press skip and not even the try hard “woke” music video can save it. But I think where he really lost me was this horrendous lyric in the pre-chorus. “The world could end now baby, we’ll be living in “The Walking Dead”. I wonder how much he got paid for that name drop. But sadly this song is pretty forgettable and fails to deliver a big classic JT moment.


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