SINGLE REVIEW: George Ezra – Paradise


in 2013 English singer songwriter George Ezra broke through the mainstream charts with his undeniably massive track “Budapest”. Ever since releasing his debut album he has been touring and continually working on new music. Four years later and his sophomore record “Staying At Tamara’s” finally has a release date and an official second single. “Paradise” delivers an upbeat and euphoric production that perfectly captures the feelings of falling in love and being undesirably happy. It’s a very cute and feel good track that is going to quickly become a fan favourite in his live set. It would best be witnessed in a music festival setting and I hope that he gives his Australian fans that opportunity later in the year. “If it feels like paradise running through your bloody veins. You know it’s love heading your way”. It’s sonically on the same path as “Budapest” but just has a cleaner pop delivery during the hook. His vocals are strong and showcase different shades without getting distracted. The structure and his pure honest lyrics help him become the artist we need him to be. Ir’s a ridiculously catchy track which will you wanting run around and dance in a field which is a little fun. I’m ready for many more emotions to come on this new record.


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  1. Excellent review! I really did miss George Ezra and I’m glad that he’s back! Paradise is a great first single and I’m excited for Staying at Tamara’s!

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