SINGLE REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Dancing


Kylie Minogue is back! And that should be a really exciting sentence however her lead single “Dancing” from her forthcoming fourteenth studio record “Golden” is a little underwhelming. The country tinged pop-dance crossover sounds like an Avicii song from 2011 and that isn’t a compliment. Usually Kylie is ahead of the game and delivers massive lead singles but this song just lacks the wow factor you want and need from the songstress. Kicking the track off with a guitar she shows a vulnerable side to her vocals which are usually hidden behind oozing synths. However as the song progresses the EDM production starts getting more prominent until a recycled beat drop is introduced during the chorus. It’s quite anti-climatic and you are waiting for a Rita Ora “Anywhere” esq moment but instead you get an Avicii moment. SNORE. The song looks at living your best life and just having a good time because you never know when it will end. A little dark in places but a very cute and empowering sentiment. “This is where I wanna be with you. Your arms wrapped around me and fireworks reflecting in your eyes”. But I must say it does eventually grow on you (slightly) with the chorus annoyingly getting stuck in your head. But for the record,it’s no “Into The Blue” or “All Of The Lovers” which were both killer lead singles.

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  1. I dont agree with you at all – the song is instantly catchy and it grows on you immediately after just a couple of plays, its far beer than into the blue imo

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