SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Kahan feat. Julia Michaels – Hurt Somebody

Hurt Somebody - EP

In 2017 Noah Kahan introduced his vulnerable and intimate guitar lead tracks to the world with the breakthrough hit “Young Blood”. Throughout the year he released a couple more tracks and continued to impress but I think 2018 is officially going to be his year. He’s just released his debut EP “Hurt Somebody” which is a strong collection full of emotions, a lot of feelings and beautiful hooks that you can sing along to. For the title track and lead single he has had little re-working done with the inclusion of Julia Michaels who has jumped on for the second verse and to harmonise during the choruses with Kahan. And all I’m gonna say about this one is that it is an absolute SMASH. This emotionally raw song looks at a break up and having to hurt somebody when you really don’t want to because you still have feelings for them. “Hold me close and I won’t leave, cause it hurts when you hurt somebody. So much to say but I don’t speak and I hate that I let you stop me cause it hurts when you hurt somebody”. The chorus has this uplifting melody to it which will be instantly stuck in your head and when you realise what the lyrics are saying your heart will break a little. But you can’t help but want to keep listening and pushing replay because it is such a beautiful song. If this isn’t a smash hit in 2018 then I give up.




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