EP REVIEW: LPX – Bolt In The Blue


Your favourite indie-pop duo MS MR are currently on a hiatus and while I am very upset about this news I am also very excited because that means we get to finally their solo projects. Lead vocalist Lizzy Palpinger launched LPX in 2017 and hears her channeling the angsty electronic-rock vibes that made tracks like “Think Of You” and “Painted” some of your favourite MS MR songs. Her debut EP “Bolt In The Blue” is an impressive collection of emotion, catchy hooks and kick ass vibes. Opening with the brash and experimental “Tightrope” she looks at throwing yourself whole heartedly into something which could be a major risk but not wanting to regret not trying. “I could really love you, babe but only if you let me stay. Don’t let me just walk away, hearts aren’t always made to break”. It’s a really sweet moment that is taken to the next level with the experimental production and structure. The crunching guitars and bashing drums give it this raw and DIY feel that you can’t help but love. “Tremble” then injects pulsating synths with her most vulnerable vocal delivery yet. Her vocals are fragile and scratchy but that’s what makes the song so special. You can hear the heartbreak in every lyric as she describes a toxic relationship that she couldn’t remove herself from. “You should be picking me up but I’m down. Can’t scream it out, there’s no sound”. She then throws it back to the electronic synth-pop meets rock sound that you fell in love with on the last MS MR record with the polished “Slide”. This is probably the most “mainstream” ready track which deserves heavy rotation on Triple J. It will have you just wanting to dance while screaming out the lyrics “The sweetest love in life cuts you like a knife, ripping your insides, leaves you paralysed”. This whole EP is very honest and hears her channeling her whole heart into the lyrics and for “Bolt In The Blue” she confronts her anger and sadness towards Donald Trump being elected as President. This political and angsty anthem was created to remind everyone to not stop fighting and rallying for what you believe in and it really is a special moment on this collection. “Fog And The Fear” continues this theme by exploring the divide that overshadowed the country and her family and friends after the election. There is a slight blues influence during the verses before a grungy rock vibe takes over the chorus. “Red Queen” closes the EP with the most theatrical sounding track on the collection. The experimental pop-rock track hears her battling her ego in the most pure and honest way. “I couldn’t tell you but you were only a friend keeping me warm until you’re not in my head”. Its a fun and angsty track that perfectly wraps up the rollercoaster of emotions this EP delivered. After listening to the EP in its entirety I couldn’t help but be so impressed by the experimental production, raw and honest lyrics and her vulnerable and powerful vocals. And let’s not forget that this is only the introduction to her new project… she’s only just getting started.


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