ALBUM REVIEW: Camila Cabello – Camila


In 2017 we saw Camila Cabello depart Fifth Harmony to launch her solo career and whilst it may have been a slow start she had an incredible end to the year with “Havana” going number one all over the world. To keep the momentum going the songstress has kicked off 2018 by releasing her debut studio album. Appropriately titled “Camila” the record boasts 10 personal tracks that explore love, loss, heartbreak and growth. Opening with current single “Never Be The Same” the simplistic synth and drum ballad looks at falling in love with someone and being forever changed by the impact they had on you. It’s a sweet and reflective track that will hit you right in the feels. “All The Years” then strips down the production even more with just a strumming guitar and vulnerable vocals that reminisce over running into an ex years after breaking up. “Cause after all these years I still feel everything when you are near. And it was just a quick hello and you had to go. And you probably will never know, you’re still the one I’m after all these years”. The stunning track will leave you impressed by her maturity but she doesn’t stop just there. The breathtakingly beautiful ballad “Consequences” will leave you utterly emotional whilst the reflective and honest “Real Friends” has you feeling empathetic over her loneliness. But not all the ballads are slam dunks with “Somethings Gotta Give” becoming bit forgettable amongst the rest of the strong material. She then injects her latin vibes with the smash hit “Havana” and continues them with the enjoyable “She Loves Control” and “Inside Out’. But “In The Dark” fails to create the same impact with the darkly tinged latin vibes. However the whole album seems to revolve around one song which truly deserves to become the next single. “Into It” is the seductively driven pop track that you didn’t realise you needed so badly in your life. She croons through the verses to give you this empowerful hook which is sexy and strong. “Whatever trouble that you’re thinking, I could get into it. I see a king-sized bed in the corner, we should get into it”. The hook will instantly be stuck in your head and you won’t be able to stop singing it for hours. A true hit. But this album is a very strong debut for an artist who had a lot of criticism for leaving the hit girl group. While it may not be absolutely perfect and does have a couple of skip worthy tracks it’s still very much worth a listen even if it’s just purely to hear “Into It”.


“Camila” is now available online or instore at Sanity. Go get dancing!


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