SINGLE REVIEW: Nina Nesbitt – Somebody Special


Who is Nina Nesbitt? I was asking myself that same question when her new pop bop quickly became one of my favourite tracks of the week. The Scottish songstress has been making some noise in the UK for a couple of years but after taking a brief hiatus she is back with a bolder and heavier pop influenced sound. “Somebody Special” holds onto her guitar roots but injects a polished pop layer to give you something a little different. It’s the perfect re-introduction to who she is as an artist and will have people intrigued by her vulnerability shining through the electronic synths. She has previously stated that this is the “poppiest” and “happiest” track on her upcoming second studio album and we’re not even mad about that fact because her raw vulnerability had us feeling all the feels and I can’t wait to feel more of them. “You see the best of me and you’re making me believe that I’m somebody special. That I’m somebody, ya I’m somebody. That I don’t have to settle, not for nobody, not for nobody”. She perfectly embodies that pure happiness you feel when you find that somebody who makes you feel like you’re worth it and will have you feeling like you are in love even if you aren’t. Get bopping.



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