SINGLE REVIEW: In Stereo – Cruel


The In Stereo boys may have lost one member but they have a fresh new sound that is going to leave you impressed. The now dynamic duo made up of Chris Lanzon and Jakob Delgado have departed the boyband formula and have reimagined their sound with an electronic pop delivery. This sound may not be completely left field for them as they did experiment with this production on their last EP but now its a lot more polished and defined. “Cruel” re-introduces the duo with smooth harmonies that focus on their two unique vocal strengths. The production is a lot more polished and hears them becoming a lot more mature in their delivery. Lyrically the song looks at the emotional mind games that lovers and ex flames play with each other. “Running in circles again. Let’s stop trying to pretend everything here ain’t a mess”. The structure is a bit more experimental and channels the indie-pop trend that is currently sweeping radio. It’s a track that continually grows on you and will have you intrigued to where else sonically they will venture.




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