SINGLE REVIEW: Carrie Underwood feat. Ludacris – The Champion


It’s been three years since we’ve had new Carrie Underwood music so it’s safe to say it’s about time we got something. And while it may not be an official album single at least it’s something to hold us over in the meantime while we patiently wait for album number six. “The Champion” is a country meets pop-rock track which has been unveiled as the theme song for the 2018 Super Bowl. A bit of a strange combination but with it’s heavier guitar and drum influence it worked quite well. It channels a young Christina Aguilera with a “Fighter” attitude while still managing to hold onto her country roots. However the song is quite cheesy, gimmicky and predictable. With lyrics like “I am invincible, unbreakable, unstoppable, unshakeable. They knock me down, I get up again. I am the champion, you’re gonna know my name” you do find yourself cringing. She’s gone from writing some emotional, vulnerable and empowering songs to this B-side quick sell commercial track. And don’t get me started on the Ludacris feature. Like first of all, I didn’t even realise he was still a thing. Second of all, was it really necessary? Is Carrie Underwood and a rapper a combination that really needed to happen? I think not. But it’s not an awful song, it’s just not great. It’s one of those songs which is worth the one listen and suits the event its been created for but I won’t be clicking replay in a rush.




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