SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – My My My

troye my my my

Troye Sivan’s debut album “Blue Neighbourhood” was an impressive and bold collection of alternative pop that explored coming to terms with his sexuality. It was a record that constantly grew on the listener and provided big sing along moments as well as very vulnerable and emotional moments too. Three years later and he is finally ready to welcome his sophomore record into the world with his ambitious lead single. “My My My” is a euphoric pop anthem that is all about liberation, freedom and love. It one of his most upbeat and feel good songs that celebrates being in love and having that strong connection with someone. “Oh my, my, my! I die every night with you. Oh my, my, my! Living for your every move”. From the very first listen it has you captivated and ready to dance around like an idiot (a proud idiot) and has you feeling all the feels. It’s a very strong comeback for someone who truly is an incredible voice for the LGBT and young adult community.



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