ALBUM REVIEW: Cupcakke – Ephorize


There really is no one else like Cupcake in the music industry and I love it. The Chicago based rapper has been on a constant raise to fame ever since she released her debut mixtape “Cum Cake” which announced her ambitious arrival on the scene. Over the past two years she has released dozens of hilariously curated sexual songs that embrace her sexuality and radiate a carefree attitude. For her third studio album “Euphorize” she has boldly headed towards a mature commentary on society, politics and her life. Lead single “Exit” hears her rapping about a break up after she got tired of her ex not treating her right while “Total” and “Post Pic” hears her demanding for her mans full attention and then dissing guys who are in relationships but still creep into her notifications. She then gets reflective on “Self Interview” where she questions her thoughts and actions and on “2 Minutes” where she just raps about real life. Her flow is pure and is a bit more polished instead of the aggressive and comedic deliveries we have previously heard. But don’t get too concerned because there is some classic sexually driven Cupcakke tracks that will have you blasting and rapping along to the ridiculous and hilarious lyrics. “Duck Duck Goose” is possibly the craziest we have heard her and will have you LIVING with all the quotable lyrics. “I can make your dick stand up like Statue of Liberty once we fuck”. She then follows it up with “Spoiled Milk Titties” which speaks for itself. “Cartoons” is a smartly written track that will have you bopping along while “Crayons” becomes a LGBT anthem. The production on this collection is quite different compared to her previous records and is very versatile experimenting with different genres and delivery techniques. There are latin influences, EDM bops, Hip-Hop roots and future pop songwriting all scattered throughout. This record stands out because of it’s mature take while still providing carefree and hilarious bops and sees her standing on her own as a independent artist with no features and proving that she really is a force to be reckoned with.



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