SINGLE REVIEW: Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous


Superorganism are an exciting new band who introduced themselves to the world in 2017 with their psychedelic pop single “Something For Your M.I.N.D”. However the dynamic eight piece are not your average band. They hail from all different corners of the world and came together via social media before relocating to London where they are now based. Their debut self titled album is scheduled for release on March 2nd and to celebrate that announcement they’ve just dropped their lead single which is a polished synth-pop bop. “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” holds onto their psychedelic pop vibe and experiments with a heavier pop finish. The euphoric and playful hook will be instantly stuck in your head and will truly drive you to push replay as soon as the song finishes. Lyrically it looks at a fictional history of the band with a rise and fall from fame by selling out to advertisers. It’s a very strange concept that works so perfectly. It accurately captures the colourful personality of the band and strengthens Orono’s vocal delivery to be a bit more mainstream friendly. This is my favourite song out this week purely because it IS a bop and a half and will leave you very excited and intrigued for their forthcoming debut album.


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