SINGLE REVIEW: Rita Ora feat. Liam Payne – For You

for you

Rita Ora is really killing the game at the moment. “Your Song” and “Anywhere” were both bonafied bops in their own right and her brand has never been bigger than it is right now. She’s about to step back into her role as Christian Grey’s sister in Fifty Shades Freed as well as delivering the lead single from the highly anticipated accompanying soundtrack. “For You” hears her teaming up with Ex One Direction member Liam Payne for a passionate synth pop track. Lyrically they reflect on this heavy and passionate love that you didn’t know what possible but you’re so glad it’s real when you do find it. “Been waiting for a lifetime for you. Been breaking for a lifetime for you. Wasn’t looking for love till I found you”. Her sultry vocals emerge from oozing synths before polishing out to a pulsating delivery that you can’t help but want to spin around to even if you aren’t in love. Liam Payne is introduced during the second verse where he also gives a seductive vocal delivery before harmonising with Ora during the chorus. She really takes command of the song and even though Payne does make a big impact you can’t help but be drawn to her delivery. It’s a great pop song that continually grows with each listen and if radio don’t play the shit out of it like they did with “Love Me Like You Do” and “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” then I will be very confused.





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