SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Timberlake – Filthy


Justin Timberlake abruptly announced his return to music with his fifth studio album “Man Of The Woods” which will be released on February 2. Even though this announcement was quite the surprise it also makes total sense that his new record gets unleashed before his coveted Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. With each era he always seems to completely reinvent himself and all I was hoping for was that he wouldn’t release anything half as annoying as “Can’t Stop This Feeling” and luckily he delivers. “Filthy” hears him reuniting with longtime collaborator Timbaland for a throwback track that channels the grittiness of the “Future Sex Love Sounds” era along with the big band funk of the “20/20 Experience” era. What they end up creating is a monster of a track which is going to take some people a couple of listens to fully appreciate but when they do they will be playing it loud and proud. The opening instrumental breakdown is pure magic. The moment I heard it I literally screamed YES as it was so theatrical and epic but then all of a sudden it was replaced with a distorted synth. A little anti-climatic if I must say so but the uniqueness of it grows on you. It reminds me of when i first heard “Sexyback” and everyone was slightly unsure where he was going with it for a split second but then everybody was on board and that’s what’s going to happen with this track too. Because we all know he’s going to have at least two killer ballads ready for chart domination later in the album cycle but for now it’s time to dance (even if the lyrics are a tiny bit ridiculous).




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