SINGLE REVIEW: Cassie – Don’t Play It Safe


2017 saw the return of RNB songstress Cassie and let’s be real, people should’ve been more excited about this comeback. in 2006 she delivered the killer “Me & U” and “Long Way 2 Go” and eleven years later she gave us the underrated bop “Love A Loser” feat. G-Eazy. But before the year could finish she delivered one more new single with the KAYTRANADA produced “Don’t Play It Safe”. The mid-tempo RNB jam is the first collaboration between the singer and producer and is apparently not the last with more tracks from the two slated for her forthcoming sophomore record. Her signature sultry vocals lead the track an accompanying seductive beat that brings this storyline to life. She questions a guys motive and why he isn’t making a move when she knows they both just want the same thing. And then things get steamy. “Don’t wait baby, don’t play it safe. Go take the reins, show me some things”. The song grows on you with each listen and the reason it stands out so much is because she’s not trying to be like every other pop-RNB singer at the moment with their EDM crossovers and is just staying true to her artistry. This song could’ve been released in 2006 and that’s what I love about it, its traditional Cassie just a little sexier.



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