SINGLE REVIEW: BORNS feat Lana Del Rey – God Save Our Young Blood


I feel like a BORNS and Lana Del Rey collaboration was always inevitable at some point and now that time has come. “God Save Our Young Blood” is a dreamy synth-pop track that oozes with vibey verses and a euphoric chorus. The two croon about young love and reflect on their previous relationships. It’s a very theatrical song and is the perfect soundtrack to a summer romance or a weekend getaway to a music festival. It just has that reflective vibe to it that makes you want to sway from side to side and soak in the moment. Their unique vocals collide perfectly to give you sweet harmonies that will have indie-pop fans frothing from the mouth. However it is a track that will take a couple listens for you to properly appreciate and just as a heads up it isn’t as flawless as Lana De Rey and The Weekend’s collaboration. Sorry about it. But it is good!


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