SINGLE REVIEW: Glades – Do Right


Sydney alt-pop trio Glades have had a massive 2017 and to perfectly finish the year off they have released a shiny new single. “Do Right” is a polished synth pop track that looks at looking out for each other and treating everyone well. A basic message that the world truly needs right now. We all need a little extra love and a little extra push to do the right thing every now and then and that is what this song succeeds at. “When we get older we can forget the truth. That if you do right by your neighbour then they’ll do right by you”. It gives you that gooey little feeling when you listen to it and will have you toes tapping instantly which will then turn into your whole body dancing along. This is definitely the most traditional synth pop sound that we have heard them go towards yet. It’s less alternative and just embraces the pop roots whole heartedly. And what’s great about that is that it doesn’t sound forced at all. it’s very natural and genuine. You should probably add this to your summer playlists because it’s a bit of a bop.




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