2017 has seen Charli XCX keeping quite busy. From working on her forthcoming third studio album to releasing a new pop single, releasing a mixtape and touring the world she really hasn’t had too much time to breathe. But somewhere in amongst that she has written, recorded, produced and released another mixtape before the year is even over. “Pop 2” is a collection of emotionally driven electronic pop songs that stem from a very hard time in her life where these songs became her coping mechanism. She has joined forces with an incredible list of artists including MO, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, Alma, Cupcakke and Brooke Candy. Opening track “Backseat” kicks off the feels with a collaboration featuring Canadian queen Carly Rae Jepsen. The song looks at needing to escape the voices of other people and the inner thoughts that are telling her that this relationship is not healthy. This becomes a common theme on the record and she further explores this with substance abuse and needing to numb the pain. The production is very experimental and takes Carly’s nostalgic synth sound and transforms it into a very DIY Charli dance mix. “Out Of My Head”, “Tears”, “Lucky” and “Porsche” continue this sound and will have you relating to all the feels. “One rose, layin’ on your grave ‘cause you pushed everyone away”. She then gives you campy realness with “I Got It”, “Unlock It” and the ridiculously catchy “Femmebot” which all embody the carefree spirits that made her last mixtape so memorable. (Listen to “Roll With Me” which is truly an ICONIC song). The only song that fails to make an significant impact is “Delicious” which is just a tiny bit… cringeworthy. My favourite production on the entire mixtape comes from “Track 10” which mashes together different samples, vocal effects and synths. It doesn’t really follow any real structure and I love that unconventional DIY aspect to it. “Pop 2” isn’t as instantly loveable as “Number 1 Angel” but it’s a lot more honest and real and once you have a proper listen you will be hitting replay instantly. now just bring on that new pop album because I’M READY.




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