SINGLE REVIEW: Tonight Alive – Crack My Heart


With their fourth studio album “Underworld” just around the corner Australian pop-punk favourites Tonight Alive have just delivered their second single. “Crack My Heart” is less pop infused and catchy as their lead single “Temple” and reverts to their prominent rock roots. Jenna’s vocal delivery is very melodic during the verses before she unleashes a heavier influence during the chorus. Lyrically they continue this empowering and quotable structure that they have been inputting into their music since their sophomore record “The Other Side”. It encourages people to embrace your inner vulnerability because in doing so is a strong masculinity in itself. “Crack my heart, open with your bare hands. Watch me bloom, set my soul on fire”. We get so afraid to be emotional or vulnerable with people because we will get shamed for it where instead we should be celebrating being that strong. However the delivery is a bit forgettable. It’s a mediocre pop-rock song at best and after following the strong “Temple” it seems a bit of a step back. If they wanted to make a vulnerable and empowering song they should’ve stripped this one back because it would’ve had a bigger impact.

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