SINGLE REVIEW: Lily Allen feat. Giggs – Trigger Bang


2017 has been a very quiet year for Lily Allen as she’s been hiding in the studio working on her forthcoming fourth studio album. Her last record “Sheezus” was a very underrated affair of ridiculous pop moments and raw vulnerability but none of the songs really translated into a mainstream hit unlike her previous records. As she prepares for the new album which is slated for a 2018 release one of the new songs has been leaked and in classic Lily Allen style she doesn’t give a fuck and has decided to immediately release it. “Trigger Bang” is collaboration between her and London rapper Giggs and it musically throws it back to her early days with a simple hip-hop meets indie-pop beat. The song doesn’t really need the rap at the beginning because it just throws off the flow immediately and would’ve fitted better towards the end of the song or not at all. She reflects on her old life and cutting toxic people out in her life who were just using her or encouraging her into a bad lifestyle. “That’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang. Everyone’s a trigger bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Goodbye bad bones, I’ve got bigger plans. Don’t wanna put myself in your hands”. It’s delivered in classic Lily Allen style with her quick whit and melodic vocals that you don’t ever expect to work so well but does. When you take away the rap this song is actually really catchy and has a bad ass vibe to it. It’s a great New Years resolution song to say goodbye to all the toxic people that you want gone.  It’s not a hit nor is it going to make a massive impact but it’s a good song for the meanwhile until she releases the official lead single.