SINGLE REVIEW: The Wombats – Turn

the wombats

Liverpool favourites The Wombats have delivered some of your favourite indie-rock songs over the past 10 years and have undeniably become adopted Australians with their massive fanbase down under. Their fourth studio album “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life” is slated for release in February 2018. Their lead single “Lemon To A Knife Fight” was underwhelming to say the least but it still received decent traction. They have just released their second single “Turn” which reverts to the classic Wombats sound that you’ve become acquainted with over the years. Driven by strong guitars and a steady baseline the chorus is polished and gives you smooth harmonies. Matthew Murphy’s vocals are calming as always and helps makes this song an instant favourite. “I like the way your brain works, I like the way you try to run with the wolf pack when your legs are tired. I like the way you turn me inside and out”. It is a lot stronger than “Lemon To A Knife Fight’ and will make any long term fans of the band very happy. It’s super catchy and has a mainstream polish to it which could even appeal to radio.