SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Low

Greyson Chance had a quick rise to fame after his piano cover of Lady Gaga’s “Papparazzi” went viral on YouTube in 2010 which then saw Ellen Degeneres further elevating his career with an appearance on her show. Seven years later Greyson has parted ways with his major record label and independently released an experimental EP last year which perfectly re-introduced people to him as an artist. While juggling studying History at the University Of Tulsa the 20 year old singer-songwriter has been working on a new record that signifies the start of a new and important chapter in his life. The lead single “Low” is the most vulnerable and honest we have heard Chance be so far. He reflects on his previous relationships where he’s run away because he’s been scared of his own feelings and is stuck because he constantly feels lonely and is unsure if he will ever not feel this way. It’s a very honest and relatable track that makes you face your inner demons while listening. “I am lost and I don’t know where to go no more. I’ve been hurt but I’ve never been hurt this much before. I feel lonely, lonely, lonely traveling down this road. They say through time I’ll find some healing but the clock goes slow, I didn’t know that I could get this low”. The production is very mature and hears him channeling an almost Sam Smith vibe and genuinely delivers a better track than anything on Smith’s most recent album. (That’s no shade, just fact). And Chance’s vocals have grown and matured so much that he is unrecognisable. He is someone who is severely underrated and underappreicated. “Low” is a brilliant and emotional song and the perfect re-introduction to who he is as an artist and you better prepare because this is only the beginning.