SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX feat. Tove Lo & Alma – Out Of My Head


Charli XCX has just been touring the country with Sia and has decided to surprise announce her new mixtape “POP 2” which will be released on December 15. Lead single “Out Of My Head” continues the pop meets EDM sound that her previous mixtape “Number 1 Angel” perfected. Teaming up Swedish favourite Tove Lo and Finnish newcomer Alma this dynamic trio deliver pure pop goodness with a typical Sophie production style over the top of it. The structure is quite interesting because Tove Lo takes the lead vocally with the verses and post chorus while Alma takes over for the chorus and Charli XCX is very brief with leading the second verse and providing harmonies. I guess it’s alway going to be like that when you have three artists on one song but I did expect her to take more of a lead. The song explores getting drunk, taking drugs and partying to forget someone. “I’m out of my, out of my head, out of my head. Please, get out of my, out of my, out of my, out of my head”. The chorus is ridiculously catchy and will be instantly stuck in your head. It’s a very strong lead to what I’m expecting to be a massive collection of heartbreak and party anthems.