SINGLE REVIEW: Pia Mia – Off My Feet


Pia Mia was one of the most exciting newcomers for a hot minute in 2015 but her momentum died quickly when her label kept pushing her debut album back and she virtually just disappeared. This year has seen her trying to revive her career with a make up endorsement deal and a flop single and it’s a bit of a shame that she hasn’t had the same impact she had a couple of years ago. In the lead up to Christmas and the new year she has independently dropped a new single “Off My Feet” which channels a similar production style to previous single and certified bop “Touch”. It’s nothing original or exciting and sort of just regurgitates this tropical pop meets RNB sound that has been done too many times this year. The lyrics are also very basic and have a simple structure that will invetitiably get stuck in your head but probably not enough to push replay. “You fucked me up, you knocked me off my feet with your love, with your love. I’m feeling drunk cause you knocked me off your feet with your love, with your love”. I really wanted to love this song as much as I loved “We Should Be Together” or “Touch” but I just don’t.




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