SINGLE REVIEW: Louis Tomlinson – Miss You


Louis Tomlinson is turning out to be the dark horse of One Direction. His solo project has been one of the longest to be released and that’s pretty understandable after he lost his mother to Leukaemia late last year and also had a baby with his girlfriend. While I personally think “Back To You” is a mediocre song the Bebe Rexha collaboration has gained impressive worldwide traction and showed an interesting musical direction. Instant gratitude song “Just Like You” showed a vulnerable side to him with a similar but softer production to “Just Hold On”. But now the singer-songwriter has released his official third single “Miss You” and its a bit of a tune. The gritty pop song has a similar production to some of the latter pop-rock influenced One Direction tracks. It has a real nostalgic feel to it which will make long term fans of the boy-band happy because it is like a mature version of one of their older songs musically. He reflects on a dark time in his life when he was just constantly going out partying, drinking and going through the motions because he was heart broken and missing the girl he loved. “We’re dancing on tables and I’m off my face with all of my people and it couldn’t get better they say. We’re singing till last call and it’s all out of tune. Should be laughing but there’s something wrong. And it hits me when the lights go on. Shit, maybe I miss you”. It’s a very relatable song for anyone that has had their heartbroken or gone through a tough break up but it also has such a empowering and euphoric feeling to it. We have to learn to be vulnerable with ourselves and that it is okay to sit in our emotions and that’s exactly what Louis has done with this song. He is slowly starting to use less autotune which is great but it would be nice to soon hear him raw and completely stripped back with just a piano or guitar. So maybe that will be next for his music evolution?