SINGLE REVIEW: Camila Cabello – Real Friends


“Real Friends” is the second instant gratitude track from Camila Cabello’s self titled debut album and she really is providing an eclectic collection of soulful infused RNB-pop. “Havana” delivered the tropical cuban dance pop vibes, “Never Be The Same” provided the emotional and reflective pop elements and “Real Friends” strips it back to give you simple and introspective RNB. The track is driven by a simple guitar strumming while her vocals rhythmically flow. She reflects on her struggle to adapt to fame and find genuine friends who are there for her and not just the lifestyle. “I’m just looking for some real friends, all they ever do is let me down. Every time I let somebody in, then I find out what they’re all about”. It’s an honest and sad reflection on the life that she is currently living which does look glamorous and exciting on the outside but with the incredible highs there is always going to be some incredible lows. This song isn’t as catchy and it’s precedors but that doesn’t mean it’s not as impactful. It’s the most honest she has been yet and takes lead from the vulnerability that “Never Be The Same” delivered.


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