LIVE REVIEW: Harry Styles – The Forum


It was one of the most anticipated albums of the year and Harry Styles did not disappoint. His debut record showcased a strong folk-rock influence that musically paid tribute to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. It was a very mature and vulnerable collection of songs that had you wanting to cry at one point and then run around dancing during the next. He was unfairly snubbed from any Grammy nominations but that didn’t bother him as he took to a sold out crowd in Melbourne on an intimate theatre tour before returning to Australia in April 2018 for a massive sold out headlining arena tour. As his silhouette appeared and the curtain dropped during the opening chords of “Ever Since New York” the excited crowd at The Forum served piercing screams and hilarious commentary of “HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!” and “OMG, I’M DEAD”. He went straight into mellow album favourites “Two Ghosts”, “Carolina” and “Sweet Creature” which was an interesting way to start the show. Greeting the ecstatic crowd with a little thank you for coming out to see him when he only has 10 songs out, he graciously interacted with some very excitable fans and introduced the next section of the show where he expected a lot of dancing. “Only Angel” and “Woman” followed before he mellowed things out again with “Meet Me In The Hallway” and a cover of a song he wrote for Ariana Grande’s sophomore album “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart”. He then explained how the last time he was in Australia he wasn’t alone and the crowd started going crazy. He then performed One Direction fan favourite “Stockholm Syndrome” and a very cool and surprisingly not cringeworthy version of “What Makes You Beautiful”. Closing the show out with new single “Kiwi” he quickly re appeared on stage to perform the heartbreaking “From The Dining Table” and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. As he was trying to introduce the final song of the night some girls started chanting “Kiwi” and it started getting louder and louder and then the whole crowd joined in. Harry laughed and goes “okay, okay we will play it again”. So he did and not just once but twice and the crowd was loving every minute of it. “Sydney didn’t get that” he laughed and proclaimed “Melbourne, this has been my favourite show I’ve done” and you could genuinely believe it. I mean, we did get “Kiwi played three times. But then it was time for him to really say goodbye and he fittingly played the song that introduced him to the world as a solo artist “Sign Of The Times”. The versatility in Harry Styles live show is impressive. From the vulnerable and mellow moments to true rockstar vibes he had you feeling all the emotions and working up a sweat from dancing. These intimate shows were very special and I can’t wait to see how he’s going to elevate this to arenas next year.




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