SINGLE REVIEW: James Arthur – Naked

james arthur

James Arthur’s debut single “Impossible” after winning The X Factor UK in 2013 was impressive but that’s as far as my compliments extend. He does have powerful vocals that have the potential to captivate you and take you on a musical journey but for some reason what he constantly churns out is mediocre pop moments. “Naked” is a pop ballad that tries to emulate the success of “Impossible” and “Say You Won’t Let Go” but it doesn’t succeed. Instead the whole time it just has you thinking about what it sounds similar to and you get convinced that you’ve already heard it. “Cause here I am, I’m giving all I can but all you ever do is mess it up”. The production is very bland and doesn’t offer anything new leaving you to believe that this could’ve easily been a b-side to his last album. It doesn’t have the same commercial potential as his previous track and in this current impressive pop climate I have a feeling this one will be forgotten about very quickly.




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