ALBUM REVIEW: Chynna Taylor – Dreamers


Chynna Taylor became a name you wanted to know after she was completely robbed on X Factor Australia in 2016 and eliminated way too early from the competition. The American native who now lives on the central coast of NSW with her husband has just independently released her appropriately titled debut album, “Dreamers”. This collection of beautiful and empowering ballads reflects on dark times where she didn’t think she would see the light but has overcome the doubt mindset and chased her dreams. Opening track “Edge” introduces this concept and offers an empowering storyline of the moment before you take a freefall jump towards a dream of yours. “One day you’ll wake up and realise when you’re scared, when you’re scared, when you’re terrified that’s a beautiful paradise”. The pop production gradually evolves throughout the song with pulsating elements that gives you that moment of release at the end. Title track “Dreamers” offers a similar sound but with a weaker chorus that is less memorable. “Lose My Mind” is the first standalone piano ballad on the record and it’s beautiful. Her vocals are raw, powerful and emotional. You are transported to an empty bedroom where she is grieving the loss of an ex lover and it’s very intimate. But the stand out track on this collection is “Hate That I Can’t Hate You”. The stripped back guitar ballad is very genuine in it’s delivery and will have you captivated from the first lyric. “Love Me” is another piano ballad and the soaring unrequited love track boasts some killer vocals that remind you why you fell in love with her on the reality TV show in the first place. “Love Left Here” offers the most elaborate production with synths and vocal echoes but manages to hold onto the ballad roots. Fittingly closing the EP with a cover of “Amazing Grace” which was her audition song on the X Factor it’s the perfect closer to this intimate and honest affair. It perfectly showcases where she’s come from to be who she is today and it’s a touching collection. During her time on the show we did see a playful side to her personality which we didn’t get to hear on this album. Her playful and sassy side was very much absent but instead we did get a very honest delivery. This is a great re-introduction to who Chynna Taylor is an artist with some very strong lyrics and powerful vocals


“Dreamers” is available on all streaming and music platforms on November 30. 

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