LIVE REVIEW: Lorde – Sydney Opera House


Lorde is undisputedly one of the biggest artists in the world at the moment. Ever since she released her breakthrough smash hit “Royals” in 2012 she’s become a household name and has taken reign on the charts. Her sophomore record “Melodrama” is so far the best album of 2017 along with “Green Light” respectively taking the top spot for the best song of the year. The songstress is currently on her massive world tour where she brings this euphoric and reflective break up album to life. Returning to Sydney to play two sold out shows at the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House the crowd couldn’t have been more excited. Strutting her way onto the stage to kick off the show with “Homemade Dynamite” she quickly made it apparent that this show was going to be vastly different to her last rendezvous with Sydney. This show is all about dancing, feeling free and losing yourself in the music instead of the moody and reflective debut shows she conducted. “Magnets”, “Tennis Court”, “Sober”, “Buzzcut Season” and “Hard Feelings” were early fan favourites that had the crowd dancing and providing massive sing-alongs. Her fans are loud and they didn’t shy away from letting their queen know how much they love her with high pitch screams and many “I love you’s” being shouted every couple of seconds. The stage was set up quite minimalistic with a giant curtain, a lit up “Melodrama” sign and a little old TV in the corner of the stage that played the multiple video interludes throughout during the night. There were three main sections of the show which all had a different costume change and a corresponding neon lit up artwork that was displayed on the stage for that section. It was unique and cool way of providing a different stage aesthetic than just having her band on stage with her. The second portion of the show was a bit more vulnerable and saw her delivering the reflective “The Lourve”, “Ribs”, “Sober II”, “A World Alone” and the heartbreaking “Liability”. She teared up while talking to the crowd about how it was the 5 year anniversary of her releasing “Royals” and that she couldn’t believe that this many people still were interested in coming to see her. It was genuine moment that all you wanted to do was just give her a massive hug. After the final costume change she returned to the stage to keep you dancing during “Supercut”, “Perfect Places” and “Royals”. For “Team” she walked down to the front row and stood on the barrier to get up close and personal with her hardcore fans because closing the show with the epic “Green Light”. The harbour lit up with fireworks during the final chorus making it the perfect end to a perfect show. She did briefly return to the stage for an encore performance of “Loveless” where she played with a sample machine to make the end to the show a little unique. She commanded your attention for the full duration of the show. I was in constant awe of her vocals, her little choreography moments, her raw emotion and her intimate storytelling. She truly is an artist of a generation and someone who is going to have a long and incredible career if she keeps on delivering incredible shows like this. Her growth from her slightly awkward first shows to her euphoric captivating shows now is extraordinary.


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