EP REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Ten Years

aly & aj

Aly & AJ’s comeback EP title is kind of self explanatory. It’s been 10 years since they have released music and it’s truly been too long. The dynamic sister duo were responsible for the iconic Disney endorsed anthems “Potential Break-Up Song” and “Like Whoa” but after their 2007 record “Insomniatic” they disappeared from our lives to work on other projects. Maturing as artists and as people they have delivered a DIY and indie-pop sound for this new EP that perfectly re-introduces them to listeners. Their songwriting has always been quite honest and has drawn from past relationships and growing from hard times and their new material continues this. “Take Me” kicks off the EP with dreamy harmonies, experimental beat drops and a gradual production build. It’s one of the years most underrated songs and a bonified bop that deserves some attention. “I Know” then continues the pulsating drum beat and oozing 80’s influenced synths with a shiny and polished synth hook that will have you smiling from ear to ear and grooving along to the beat. They continue to grow this infectious pop sound with “Promises” which is probably the strongest track on this EP. It just embodies the dreamy synth-pop sound and vibe so incredibly well and transports you back to the 80’s proms and discos that you daydream about from movie montages. Wrapping up the EP with the most emotional song in this collection “The Distance” is a reflective and vulnerable moment. The harmonies are very prominent on this song and enhance the emotional delivery of someone looking back on a long distance relationship and realising they could never put themselves through it again. “I keep on going the distance. Time keeps on making me hate this. It was hot as hell, I still feel. As good as it was, I just couldn’t take the distance”. It’s emotionally raw but has a polished pop production that offers an empowering take on it. The whole EP is impressive. From the DIY production to the reflective lyrics and the strong harmonies it is everything you wanted from new Aly & AJ music. Yes they may have grown up and are no longer singing pop/rock Disney music but I am so glad for it. This is truly who Aly & AJ are as artists and if we had to endure 10 years to get this EP then I am okay with the wait. But let’s just hope the wait to their new album isn’t THAT long.


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