LIVE REVIEW: Ecca Vandal – The Brightside


Ecca Vandal has always defied genres by delivering hip-hop beats with rock roots and polished pop hooks. For her debut self titled album she has also experimented with a heavier electronic production. To celebrate the release of the record she’s embarked on her biggest headlining national tour yet which see’s her showcasing these eclectic new songs as well as some old EP favourites. Opening with “Dead Wait” she stormed onto the stage full of confidence and high energy thanking the crowd for spending their Saturday night with her. She then launched straight into “Your Way” and “Future Heroine” from the new record before throwing it back to “Battle Royal” and “Father Hustler” which the crowd excitingly sung back word for word. Her stage presence is commanding and powerful but she also shows a vulnerable and gracious side where you can tell she doesn’t take any of this for granted. Her crowd are passionate and engaging and she even jumped down mid set to get amongst them. “End Of Time” offered a softer pop delivery compared to the rest of the material while “Cassettes, Lies And Videotapes” experimented with the new electronic sound. “Price Of Living”, “White Flag” and “Closing Ceremony” offered her rock roots that you have become well acquainted with while closing the show with the angsty “Broke Days, Party Nights”. It was a very energetic and fast paced show that saw her not slowing down for the full 50 mins. I would’ve liked to have seen her perform “Cold Of The World” to see her doing something a bit more vulnerable musically in the live setting. But she commanded your attention and impressed the packed crowd which only seems to grow and grow every time she’s in town.



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