LIVE REVIEW: Confidence Man – The Triffid


Confidence Man are one of the most talked about new acts in the Australian music industry and for good reason. Their high energy is contagious, their songs are a little ridiculous and their live show is absolutely captivating. The band are currently celebrating the release of their single “Better Sit Down Boy” with a massive headlining tour and their Brisbane crowd were hyped and full to capacity for some Friday night shenanigans. The most mysterious members of Confidence Man, Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie stepped onto the stage for a long 10 minute intro of electronic music that had the excited crowd dancing and slightly questioning what was happening. And then finally the ringleaders of the colourful circus Janet Planet and Sugar Bones ran on stage to kick off the show with the infectious “Bubblegum”. By the second song there were already members of the crowd on top of one another’s shoulders with their shirts off and the carefree vibe was real. With only 3 songs officially released they premiered some new material which was as ridiculous and catchy as their proceeders. Instant favourites included “Fascination” and a song that explored the idea of cheating together as a couple. Their set included two long instrumental interludes where they left the stage to have a costume change which was received well due to the party vibe they set earlier. Janet and Sugar’s on stage chemistry is like nothing else. They just command the stage every time they step foot on it and have you spellbound by their free-spirited choreography. They even popped a bottle of champagne and sprayed it all over the crowd before drinking what was left. “Better Sit Down Boy” and show closer “Boyfriend (Repeat)” created the biggest singalong and dance moments of the night with the crowd showing the band just how much they love them, which apparently is a lot. Their short 50 min set abruptly came to an end and no one wanted it to. Their energy is like no one else currently in the Australian touring circuit and their presence reminds me of the likes of Scissor Sisters and Die Antwood which is impressive. Their live show can only continue to grow once they release their debut album and will undoubtedly see them playing bigger venues to crazier crowds and that excites me.




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