SINGLE REVIEW: Diplo feat. MO – Get It Right


Diplo and MO have reunited for another song but please don’t expect another “Lean On”. Instead what this dynamic duo do deliver is a generic pop-dance crossover with an enjoyable beat drop that will hear clubs and radio stations picking it up instantly. The dancehall inspired track gives me Rudimental vibes and is great step away from the dance beats that The Chainsmokers and all their copycats keep recycling. But in saying  “Get It Right” is still nothing innovative or new. We’ve heard it all before and I was really expecting a bigger pop-dance moment than what we got. The lyrics are slightly empowering and are meant to try uplift you and have you inspired. “They can try to hold me down, but I am, I’m gonna get it right”. And I guess they do kinda succeed at that. Not majorly, but it’s decent enough. It’s one of those songs that you wouldn’t necessarily turn off if it came on but it’s also not one I would go out of my way to listen to again.



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