SINGLE REVIEW: Tigerilla feat. Muki – Money In My Jeans


BOP! BOP! BOPPITY BOP! Melbourne electronic producer Tigerilla has teamed up with one of Australian’s most exciting pop newcomers Muki for a ridiculously catchy tune. “Money In My Jeans” is just one of those perfect summer jams that does nothing but makes you want to drink and dance. And with Summer quickly approaching what a better time then to add this tune to your heavy rotation playlists. Tigerilla takes charge with the main vocals on the this track. For the first verse he introduces the tropical dance synth beat which then leads into a vibey drop which is one of the best things about this song. Muki then comes in for the second verse and her vocals don’t seem to be as prominent as his and slightly become forgettable. She then comes in for the post chorus and is a bit more of a standout in that role. But this song really stands out as one of the strongest tracks out this week and a true contender for your summer anthem so get boogieing.



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