SINGLE REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Cabrona

GinWigmore_CABRONA_ITUNES_001_JPEG High Res

Gin Wigmore has one of those instantly recognisable voices that no matter what she does you can’t help but be completely spellbound. Over the past year she has been releasing a series of songs apart of an innovative project called GIRLGANG which is all about celebrating talented women. She has finally announced the date for her fourth studio album “Ivory” which is out in March 2018 and she’s ready to deliver some more empowering and soulful pop-rock. For her latest single “Cabrona” she has teamed up with Cindy Whitehead who is a talented skateboarder and the driving force behind the “Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word” brand to deliver a very cool music video. The song embodies high energy and a bad ass vibe while delivering a slinky and polished production. This is probably the most pop directed that we have heard her to date but it still manages to hold onto that soulful delivery she’s always had. The percussion is very bold and will have you instantly on your feet ready to dance along to the catchy hook. “Bad girl, taking back the lead. Yeah I’m a bad girl, got no room to please. Yeah I’m a bad girl”. The song’s title means “bad bitch” or more elegantly “a woman not to be messed with” and she certainly captures that from the funky production to the catchy lyrics and her soulful vocals. She keeps elevating and re-inventing her sound and I cannot wait to hear what other empowering tracks she has in store for us.




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