SINGLE REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – Hold Me Tight Or Don’t


The direction for the lead single from Fall Out Boy’s seventh studio album “Mania” was very… questionable to put it politely. But they started to slowly make up for it with their follow up singles which went towards a more “classic” Fall Out Boy sound but with the album release date looming they decided to push it back until January 2018 so they could make it stronger and more cohesive. “Hold Me Tight Or Don’t” is the official fourth single and hears them returning to their classic pop-rock sound with a bit more of a melodic pop focus. This song is a bit hit and miss. It’s catchy and grows on you with each listen but it’s not a clear standout. It’s one of those tracks that is really going to come to life and be a favourite in their live show but on its own it’s a bit annoying. The chorus is very gimmicky and uses too many nanananana’s that it instantly makes my brain turn off. Patrick Stumps vocals haven’t aged in their 16 years and that’s a great thing. They still have that teenage angst that you fell in love with but have slightly had a pop makeover as of recently. This song isn’t awful but it’s also not ground break or original.




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