SINGLE REVIEW: Jessie J – Queen


The promotional journey for Jessie J’s upcoming fourth studio album has been interesting to put it politely. So far the UK songstress has released 3 promo singles which have all made no impact whatsoever in the pop world as well as an “intimate” introduction video which was uncomfortable to watch. Today she has announced her first official single so there is still hope because hopefully she was just unloading all the B-sides as “hype” tracks and saving the good material for chart obliteration. But sadly this new single is still not great. “Queen” lacks the originally and power that her previous lead singles delivered. The RNB beat is very mediocre and for an artist who usually commands the limelight it sounds like she’s trying to hide from it instead. She doesn’t sound as confident as before and that’s interesting because this whole song is about finding that confidence to love and embrace yourself. Kinda ironic. “I love my body, I love my skin. I am a goddess, I am a queen”. Her vocals are alright but I was waiting for a massive moment where she reminded everyone why they fell in love with her in the first place. The whole song is very average and isn’t your usual commanding, emotional or energetic Jessie J that you are used to. I really wanted to love this song purely for it’s strong and empowering message but I just can’t.




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