SINGLE REVIEW: Basenji Feat. Tkay Maidza – Mistakes


So it’s official, Basenji has just dropped one of my favourite songs of the year. The emotional “Mistakes” hears the electronic producer teaming up with one of Australia’s biggest female names, Tkay Maidza. Sonically this is something completely different to what we have ever heard her do before and introduces a whole new vulnerability to her vocal delivery. The empowerful electronic ballad hears Basenji beginning with a minimalistic key arrangement before adding in a simple clapping beat to build up momentum. And then he drops an empowerful beat in the hook that elevates the song from emotional to empowering. It’s a bold sound which is truly nothing like you would ever expect Tkay to release and that’s why it works so well. “When I make mistakes I know that you’re here beside me”. It’s ridiculously catchy and will have you instantly singing along and feeling all giddy. It truly is one of those feel good songs and I was genuinely impressed by the strong production. This is probably the most pop inclined we will ever hear Tkay go and that’s okay because it is an absolute banger.


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