LIVE REVIEW: Drake – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


I never thought that I would be at a Drake concert when I experienced what would arguably be the best live show production I’ve ever witnessed. Truly though, I thought I had seen it all from the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake but Drake really took it to the next level. With the stage set in the middle of the arena as the lights dimmed and smoke covered all surfaces the Canadian born rapper rose to the top of the stage and launched straight into “Free Smoke” and “Trophies”. Hyped on excitement and adrenaline he ran around the massive stage with strobe lights and pyrotechnics lighting up his path as he delivered the early hits “Headlines”, “Started From The Bottom” and “HYFR” as well as a medley of his fan favourites. He graciously thanked the crowd for spending their Friday night with him and vowed that he would deliver the best show that they’ve ever been to and he seriously wasn’t messing around. At that moment the opening beat of “Hotline bling” began and all the lantern lights above the stage dropped and illuminated to reveal one of the coolest lighting displays. For each song these lights would change positions and offer a different look and vibe depending on the song. It was truly incredible to witness and had me in awe the entire night. He continued by performing “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, “Passionfruit”, “Work”, “Too Good”,and “Controlla”. He walked around the stage and looked into peoples eyes and shouted out fans who were singing to every lyric and then pointed out people in the stands and made everyone in that arena feel appreciated and important no matter where they were sitting or standing. “One Dance” created one of the biggest sing-alongs of the night and had you wishing he played that song on loop for 20 minutes. Disappearing from the stage for a couple of minutes he had this massive globe appear to which he returned and rapped around while cool light projections had you captivated. During “Fake Love” the lights went out because he went over his allotted time and it was their “polite” way of telling him that he needed to stop. But instead he got the whole arena to illuminate their mobile phones and made an equally impressive lighting display as he performed the closing track “Legend”. The show was a production nerds dream come true. It was so uniquely incredible to watch that you couldn’t say that you had ever seen anything like it before.

His audience interaction was also very spot on and I didn’t expect him to be so genuine or likeable. I imagined him to not really give a fuck and just be like “I don’t really care, I’m Drake” but instead he genuinely proclaimed his love for the city, sung someone happy birthday and interacted a lot with his fans with funny banter. He was joined on this tour by a live band but because of the stage set up you couldn’t actually see them if you weren’t in the nosebleeds and could see right into the middle of the stage. They should’ve been raised up onto the main stage through out the night to make more of an impact. He was also accompanied by two dancers and to be honest I didn’t even realise they were on stage until halfway through the show which is not a good thing. But that’s just little nitty gritty things. Otherwise the production, setlist and staging was phenomenal. He had me in awe from the moment he stepped foot on stage and that’s not an easy feat for a rapper.




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