SINGLE REVIEW: Jesse Porsches – Say It To Me

jesse porsches

Jesse Porsches is a newcomer worth getting excited over. Whilst the Australian producer is half of the dynamic electronic duo Super Cruel and is a former member of Porsches he is finally making a name for himself as a solo artist. He’s no stranger to the festival and touring circuit and his solo material is going to see his future live shows explode. His new single “Say It To Me” continues the pop approach “The Weekend” cemented (sidenote; that song deserved more justice as it’s an absolute banger) and further injects mainstream pop vibes. The song features Brasska on vocals and her pop melody delivery will have you captivated instantly with the storyline of a fractured relationship. It looks at when you need to make the decision between leaving a relationship or continuing this dangerous cycle where you both keep getting hurt. It’s a very vulnerable song that is built around strong electronic production. Jesse has seemingly perfected a tropical and summer ready production that is fresh enough that it’s not predictable and is relevant enough that there isn’t really an excuse for radio to not pick it up. It’s better than anything The Chainsmokers have released in the past 12 months (or in their career in general) so that’s a start, right? Get ready to hear more from him soon because it sounds like he has the soundtrack to your summer prepared.


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