SINGLE REVIEW: Eminem feat. Beyonce – Walk On Water


It has been four years since Eminem’s last studio album and the world has been questioning a lot recently when he would make his comeback but the time is finally now. His forthcoming ninth studio album is appropriately titled “Revival” and follows in the footsteps of his viral freestyle at the BET Awards. I just wish the lead single “Walk On Water” was as raw and captivating as that freestyle. The single is an anti-climatic attempt to top the charts again with the strategical addition of Beyonce as a guest vocalist. You would imagine that when these two would eventually collaborate that they would deliver an angsty and powerful track together but instead it’s quite the opposite. It’s very stripped back with Beyonce singing a basic piano ballad for the hook while Eminem raps over the simple key arrangement. He raps about the personal struggles he’s had over the past couple of years with his career and it’s kind of ironic because he’s hoping it will change peoples thoughts but they are going to think he’s more and more of a sell out. However i will say that his growth in reflection is impressive and hopefully we will hear less aggressive and homophobic Eminem and instead hear a more playful and storytelling side of him. The hook from Beyonce should be this massive and emotional moment but instead it’s lacklustre and slightly cringeworthy. “Cause I’m only human, just like you. Making my mistakes, oh if you only knew. I don’t think you should believe in me the way that you do cause I’m terrified to let you down”. I really wanted this to be a massive pop meets hip-hop moment but it’s not. You will very quickly forget that this song exists after you listen to it for the first (and most likely last) time.

Also side note: I’m 95% sure that the single artwork was made on Microsoft Word








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