SINGLE REVIEW: Alison Wonderland – Happy Place


Alison Wonderland’s debut album “Run” quickly became one of my favourite records of 2015 because of it’s strong and innovative production and songwriting. Since the release she’s continuously toured the world headlining and playing festivals in more countries than I could logistically list in this review. Last year she dropped the absolute banger “Messiah” but so far in 2017 she’s been very quiet on the new music front. Luckily for us, not only did she recently drop a fiery remix of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” she’s also just released a massive new single. “Happy Place” hears her combining her signature electronic sound with some heavier beats which will keep her long-term fans very happy. Her album saw her experimenting a bit with the pop world and for this song she leaves that behind with the only real pop references coming through the strong and honest songwriting. She opens about a dark state of mind she was in where she had to go against the voices in her head and reach out for help to get to that happy place again. “Give up these noises, silence my mind. We all have choices, where can I find my happy place”. Whilst the lyrics are very honest and empowering the main focus is on her production. That has always been the major focus point for her and it doesn’t change with this new track. She’s about to kick off a massive Australian tour while her second album “Awake” scheduled for a early 2018 release so get ready to dance a lot to these fiery beats.




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