SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Tip Toe


Jason Derulo’s previous single “If I’m Lucky” was shockingly not awful but it unsurprisingly didn’t perform well on the charts with his impact on the industry becoming less and less significant. “Tip Toe” is the follow up single which hears him regurgitating a boring selection of re-used beats and an exhausted storyline. He used to deliver strong melodies, catchy hooks and soulful vibes but now he’s tying too hard to become the next Drake and it’s a bit embarrassing to watch. “Bring that body my way, cant take it off my brain. Look like you do Ballet”. It comes as no shock that I think “Swalla’ is an awful song and that I’m embarrassed by anyone that genuinely likes it. But I think this song takes the cake for embarrassment after I heard the line “Left Cheek, right cheek, tiptoe” and I genuinely feel like I just got dumber for typing that. It’s one of those songs that you can pretend doesn’t exist because that’s what everyone else is gonna do


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